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Make Bilou shower foam yourself

Bilou stands for "Bibi loves you" and is the first beauty product from the creator Bianca Heinicke (bibisbeautypalace), which she has brought to the market. This shower foam for body care is available in many different varieties; all with a fruity sugar-sweet scent. For all DIY fans there is a creative and easy way to make your own.

Which shower foam ingredients are needed?

1 pump dispenserany shower gel with fruity scentwaterOptional: food coloring

How-to: conjure shower foam

It is possible to use an empty pump dispenser from the household or to buy a new pump dispenser commercially. It is important that the dispenser has a pump function so that the desired foam can be produced.For the content either a shower gel of your choice or a shower gel that is similar to the Bilou, which one wants to empathize. If you want a more intense color of the shower foam, you can add a few drops of food coloring.Thereafter, the container is filled only to half of the lower quarter with shower ge…
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Occupations with career opportunities for women

While women have the same opportunities and the same opportunities to pursue a successful career in most places on earth, this is still difficult in practice. In the end, male employees often have a quicker opportunity to take on important tasks and thus qualify for leadership positions.

Women in leadership positions
Currently, around 15% of those working in leadership positions are women. It is also still an undisputed fact that women earn less from various employers than male employees . For this reason, it is often more challenging than a woman to build a successful career, but under no circumstances impossible, which is suggested in this article.

Basic practices that have a positive career impact
Basically, it can be said that smaller companies offer better opportunities for women to maintain a leadership position. As a result, various studies show that female employees occupy far more leadership positions within smaller companies - with an upward trend.

In the meantime, there are far …

Are Oatmeal Healthy For Breakfast?

Only a few foods can be said without hesitation that they are healthy. The oatmeal is definitely one of them. As a breakfast, they are particularly good, because then they can supply energy for the whole day. Another advantage is that they can be combined in many ways. In addition, they are easy to prepare and inexpensive. The following is to be discussed in detail why they are the perfect breakfast.

That's what makes oatmeal so healthy
Oatmeal ensures a very good satiety. There are three different cereals to distinguish. They can be bought as pithy, tender or small-leaved oatmeal. The oatmeal is especially eaten as porridge. This is called then Porridge. But also as muesli or as an ingredient for baked goods are the oatmeal. All these variants are extremely healthy. Because the nutrient balance could hardly be better. The oatmeal is high in fiber and minerals. Especially magnesium, zinc, iron and phosphor are included. This makes this breakfast not only full, but also supplies the …

These Are The 10 Biggest Beauty Traps

We cream, shower and style, but not every make-up look succeeds as it should. We explain why that is and give the best tips for copying.

We cream, shower and style what it takes. But no matter how hard we try, some looks simply do not want to succeed as they are explained to us. Does that sound familiar? Then it could be because the make-up experiments fail at the following points:

1. Apply after the make-up, the face does not match color in the neck
Once the mishap has happened, you can only save it by using a large brush and compact powder to blind the make-up to the neck. In order to prevent the color chaos next time, it is better to consult the specialist shop before making a make-up to find the right shade. Test the liquid on the back of the hand - if the difference is too big and the tone is noticeably darker: Do not smear on the face.

2. Feel like a drag queen with the trendy new lipstick
In most cases, the problem is "only" because you have not found the right colo…

You Should Definitely Know These 26 Terms About Teeth

Encyclopedia of the beautiful smile : You should know these 26 terms with bite necessarily - because with this knowledge you can literally improve your oral hygiene.

INFECTIONKissing prohibited? Well, let's not overdo it. Nevertheless: When smooching not only colds are transmitted, but also the caries bacterium Streptococcus mutans . Plagues the partner toothache, so rather make an appointment with the doctor. And after kissing nice clean. BLEACHINGThere are many methods of whitening your teeth. Special whitening pastes can remove up to 90% of the discoloration on the surface. The color tone inside the tooth is changed by bleaching. The professional starts the treatment with a professional tooth cleaning, then bleaching gels are used. <

These Herbal Extracts Work Wonders

Your skin is greasy, impure or dry? These herbs relieve your discomfort, try them out and see for yourself!

This is how the herbal extracts are extractedHerbs can be used and used in different ways. Some use it fresh when cooking, the others dry it for tea or make the miracle products vinegar or oil. But how are herbal extracts made and which herbs help against which ailments? Ingredients: For the production you do not need any special equipment, only herbs, roots, leaves and flowers. It is best to collect these yourself, depending on which symptoms you want to use. Both fresh and dried plants can be used for the production. The only advantage: Fresh plants are more powerful and aromatic. Now you need a high percentage of alcohol, such as double grain or vodka. It should definitely be alcohol with an alcohol content of at least 40 to 45 vol.%. Preparation: Put one third of the shredded leaves, flowers or root pieces in a tall container. Fill it with alcohol until the herbs used in the jar …